Treating ADHD the Natural way

ADHD, a controversial subject with 2 sharply divided groups – for and against.

My purpose for this blog is not to choose sides or play umpire. Even the most ardent skeptic will agree that children (and grownups) diagnosed with ADHD display symptoms of being hyperactive, forgetful, impulsive, moody and easily distracted. It’s the tag of ADHD allotted to this group of symptoms that they object to. It simply lumps all sufferers together under one debility without giving any thought or consideration to underlying causes.

And so the question remains –  ‘WHY?’ What causes these symptoms.

Science, parents and even the victims are constantly looking for answers. Sadly there is no exact answer. Arguments range from diet, heredity, smoking and drinking during pregnancy to bad parenting or over diagnosing.

Children diagnosed with ADHD in the USA have risen from 150,000 in 1970 to 4.5 million in 2003. The growing trend seems to point to some form of wrongdoing in our lifestyle, which typically would be diet. Despite numerous studies, the medical industry is still split in 2 over the relationship between ADHD symptoms and what we eat.

Surprisingly there is no conclusive evidence that links sugar consumption to ADHD. Studies monitoring the activity levels of ADHD children who had been given sugar as part of the research program showed no significant change from their normal actions.

Followers of the Feingold diet plan experience notable improvement when eliminating artificial  colorants, flavorings, sweeteners and food additives from their diet. Numerous studies have shown that there is a direct link between hyperactivity and these additives.

Additives are Chemicals. Chemicals that are used in the production of processed foods to enhance the taste and appearance, slow spoilage, prevent discolouring and to add synthetic vitamins and minerals that were lost during the manufacturing process. Without these additives most processed foods would be as tasteless and deficient as a cardboard box.

Our bodies were not designed to cope with the invasion of these chemicals, which no doubt impacts heavily on our immune systems – even more so in children, especially during their developing years.

Not managed correctly it can lead to low self-esteem and other behavioural problems, even in their adult life. Conventional treatment of these symptoms can be effective but are often addictive and come with side effects.

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