Why are we Sick, Feeble and Frail?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

An age old adage, but sadly it’s no longer true.  Modern farming methods have all but destroyed the soil’s natural resources and the nutritional content of our present day fresh produce is simply not what it’s reported to be. In fact, each generation of these latter day state of the art crops are less and less nutritious than its predecessors. (Click here for World Health Report)

The problem evidently lies squarely with the chemical fertilizers used in modern day farming, an artificial cow poop that does nothing moreplane-spraying than promote good looking, good tasting, fast growing  fruit and vegetables that are nutritionally depraved. Modern day fertilizers, unlike the natural composts of old, do nothing to promote ongoing healthy soil. They simply do not contain any of the decaying matter needed to maintain soil structure, and so the necessary trace elements to produce quality and healthy foods are steadily depleted over time. After all, Food is only as healthy as the soil it grows in!


The Worldwatch Institute  attest that studies concluded in 2003 show that despite farmers being able to grow crops 2 to 3 times faster than 50 years ago, their produce has 10 to 25 percent less copper, iron, zinc, protein, calcium, vitamin C and other nutrients. As at today’s date 13 years later (2019) this decline will no doubt be much worse.

Research by David Thomas – a geologist turned chiropractor, shows that super foods like Tomato and Broccoli contain 80% less copper and 75% less calcium than in 1940. Thomas cracked that ‘You’d have to eat 10 times more tomatoes today to enjoy the same copper intake from one tomato in 1940.’

This loss in nutritional value is sadly not only limited to fresh produce. The livestock industry has suffered the same fate. Specially formulated and chemically enhanced feed ensure that cattle, sheep, pigs and chicken are reared in double quick time, but once again at a cost to the consumer – less protein and nutrients than yesteryear.

Professor Michael Crawford and Yoqun Wang of London Metropolitan University found that our present day chickens contain twice as much fat, a third more calories and a third less protein than their counterparts in 1940.

There’s no doubt that our modern day, chemically enhanced, but nutritionally depleted foods have taken a knock and the forecast of an imminent world food shortage looks set to even further aggravate the problem.

So what is the answer?  After all, our daily nutritional intake is what sustains us and enables the proper functioning of our immune system to fight off infections, viruses, bacteria, parasites etc etc.  Ailments and sicknesses like Aids, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Arthritis, Depression, Tumors, Diarrhea, Flues and Colds are more prevalent today than 40/50 years ago, attributed mainly to our weaker immune systems.

What are the options to restore your health?

Buying organic is one option, but despite being more nutritious it does have it’s own problems. It’s  expensive and not always freely available, unless of course you have the urge and oomph to grow your own produce. (see our info on Aquaponics)

A more obvious solution is to increase your intake of much needed nutrients by supplementing your daily diet with Multi Vitamins or Immune Boosters. This is not necessary a cheaper solution, more so where it involves buying for the whole family. But then, is their a price tag on health?

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