Longrich Sanitary napkins

Every woman’s period has its own personality. It can be regular or irregular, light or heavy, long or short, painful of painfree and still fall within the range of normal. Menstrual irregularities can have a variety of reasons, from infections and diseases to trauma and  medications.

The average woman can have up to 400 periods in their lifetime using some 15,000 pads. It’s a large number and the importance of using a safe product simply cannot be overstressed. 

Sanitary pads have proven to be one of the most serious health hazards a woman faces. The chemicals and plastic used in the manufacturing process to add fragrance and enhance blood absorption can be extremely harmful. Some of the known side effects are:

  1. Cancer – yes cancer. The repeated use over many years can potentially increase your risk of cancer. Some sanitary napkins also contain BPA which is absorbed over time and interferes with the reproductive system.
  2. Pesticides and herbicides in pads – cotton pads especially carry pesticides and herbicides and when used in the pads can enter the blood stream and interfere with the internal organs.
  3. Infertility and birth defects – to kill the unpleasant odors of menstrual blood the pads are treated with deodorants and fragrances. These scented pads interfere with embryonic development and can seriously hamper fertility.
  4. Some manufacturers use bleaching agents to make the napkins look pure and clean. These chemicals are however harmful to the immune and reproductive systems.
  5. Many of the typical types of women problems like excessive itching, unusual discharges, infections, rashes and other irritations are also as a result of the pads they use.

So what are the benefits of the Longrich Sanitary Napkins.

  1. Pads have a have a magnetic strip which draws menstrual blood from the system faster than normal and thus reduces the menstruation period.
  2. The Longrich pad can absorb up to 200 millilitres of blood thus using less pads.
  3. The negative anions in the sanitary also improves blood circulation which discharges blood clots more smoothly.
  4. No more embarrassing moments. The Longrich pad has an absorbing gel that prevents leakage.
  5. The Longrich pad leaves you completely dry and clean even after absorbing a maximum amount of blood. It totally does away with feeling wet and also prevents bacteria from multiplying.
  6. The magnetic strip traps any unpleasant odor of menstrual leaving you smelling fresh all day long.
  7. One of the biggest benefits of the Longrich napkin is that it relieves menstrual discomfort and pain. Over time it removes impurities and even dissolves fibroids which pass out of the body as blood clots.

Other uses of Longrich sanitary pads

1. Men who suffer from prostate cancer can also greatly benefit from the Longrich panty liner. Worn in the underpants it draws out pus and impurities due to the cancer.

2.The magnetic strip also has the ability to heal open wounds by simply sticking the magnetic strip on the wound to draws out impurities and start the healing process.

3. Many people wear the panty liners in their shoes. It’s a great stress reliever, boosts blood circulation, enhances metabolism and strengthens the immune system.

1000’s of people can testify to the effectiveness of Longrich sanitary pads but the best way still  is to try it yourself and  be surprised.