Longrich Business Plan

The customized Longrich marketing plan
provides a business platform

to realize everyone’s dream,
as long as as they are

Xu Zhiwei (Chairman of Longrich)

The Longrich compensation plan eliminates all the pitfalls, drawbacks
and weaknesses of traditional network marketing systems.
PLUS you get paid every week, every Friday
Simply join and buy products to the value of your entry level
and your home based business will be on its way.


How it all works

Longrich has 5 membership levels. For convenience we will refer only to the  Silver membership (level 2). It will all make sense once you are more familiar with the business plan.

Your 1st tasks:

1. Buy products for R1500 as required for Silver membership
2. Recruit and sign on 3 like minded people (known as your 1st Generation)
3. Assist your 3 to recruit 3 people each (known as your 2nd Generation)
4. Motivate them to assist their recruits
5. There is no limit to the number of Generations under you.

You’re ready to start earning………

Income (Bonuses) are earned in 5 ways

1. Referral Bonus
2. Performance bonus
3. Development bonus
4. Leadership bonus
5. Maintenance bonus


This is your reward for signing on new members who buy products for R1500 each.

You are paid R450 per new member. It’s that simple.


Every week the PV’s of the product sales from each of your 3 legs (recruits) are totaled separately. PV = Point Value given to each product by Longrich.

E=xample: Leg 1 = 1000 PV         Leg 2 = 2000 PV          Leg 3 = 2500 PV

You are then paid an 8% bonus on the total of the 2 smallest legs. This is to encourage you to give equal attention to all 3 legs and not lag behind in one while growing steadily in the other 2. The proceeds from the 3rd  and biggest leg is used to cover the costs of running the Longrich system.

You will thus be paid 1000 + 2000 = 3000 x 8% = 240 X 10 = R2400

Question: Why multiply by 10?

Answer:  The PV’s  are calculated on the Dollar value of the product and Longrich uses a fixed factor of 10 to compensate for the Rand / Dollar exchange rate.

That then is your performance bonus. Let’s face it, it’s really not complicated 


To encourage you to keep assisting your recruits and growing your business Longrich pays you a weekly Development Bonus of 10% of your performance bonus. Based on the above example you
will receive

R2400 x 10% = R240


Leadership Bonuses are based on the earnings of your direct referrals, up to 12 Generations.
On a sliding scale your earnings are:

10% on your 1st Generation to
5% on Generations 2-7 and
1% on the balance.

The Leadership Bonus is to encourage you to too continuously recruit new members and placing them under some of the other members in your team.



You get paid 4.5% of the total repeat purchases of every one of your team members who buy products for more than 30 PV’s per month for personal use.

Example: you have 200 team members who each spend R500 pm = R100,000

You earn 4.5% of R100,000 = R4500 



Over and above the bonuses earned Longrich also offers various incentives for the go-getters who enjoy and extra challenge.

1. International trips (3 per year) to countries like Dubai, China, The USA etc.

2. Car Incentive

4. Scholarships (up to 4 kids)

5. House incentive (R1.5 million)

6. Attend annual global rally for free. 

This in a nutshell is the Longrich Business Plan. I t will be explained in more detail when you contact us with the view of signing on.