Handy Health Apps for your Mobile

 Want to lose some belly flab?

Need to get fit?

Making lifestyle changes is not always easy, but fortunately there are some handy FREE apps for your smartphone that will help you get into shape. Check out some of them below. If you’re interested in trying them out simply visit your Play Store or Shop, download and get going.

Water Drink Reminder

We all know the essential part water plays in staying slim, trim and healthy, yet it’s so easy to forget to drink it regularly.  

Now there’s no more excuses. Rated as one of the top 5 health apps in over 120 countries Water Drink Reminder sounds and alarm whenever your next glass of water is due.


Ultimate Full Body Workout

This fitness app includes exercises that burn fat and build muscle, from the comfort of your home, without the use of  expensive machines or gym membership. All of the workouts are fully described and animated and can be done with or without dumbbells.

For men and women, the exercises are based on sports science and work your cardiovascular and all major muscle groups. Even only exercising once every 2-3 days will be of great benefit.


“Pedometer” records the number of steps you’ve walked, the calories you’ve used up, your walking time and your speed per hour.

Easy to use, enter your age, gender, weight and accurate step length and simply put it in your pocket or bag as always. You might have to test and try the step length before you get it to work accurate.

Salad Recipes

The worlds largest collection of healthy salad recipes mostly made up of raw vegetables. Prepare and eat in 20 minutes or less with these super fast and easy main-dish salad recipes.

Different categories include from green, vegetable, seafood, curry, cheese, chicken to egg and various salad dressings.

This is a completely free app and  includes the following:

1.  Recipe search
2.  Shopping list

3.  Offline recipe access
4.  Recipes can be shared to anyone
5.  Recipes nutritional value & calories included

Flat Stomach

Exercises and healthy diet plan is the only successful way to lose that extra belly fat.  

The Flat Stomach app has an easy and fast program for women and man (no equipment necessary), all in the comfort of your home.

The app includes a 30 day challenge program and a step by step virtual trainer guide to insure the best results.

Calories in food

The Calories in Food app lists the energy values of the most popular food items. Listing more than 8700 items it contains information on the energy, carbohydrates, proteins and fats content per 100 gram portions.  All items are separated alphabetically in its food category.

This cool app is really handy when planning your meals, especially when eating out.

Unique Heart Rate Monitor

This neat little app measure your heart rate by analyzing the blood flow from your finger tip using the camera on your phone.
It’s easy to use, remarkably ACCURATE and keeps a log of all your readings.

You can group your readings into 4 categories:  


Please note that this app does NOT replace medical advice.

’till next time, but until then your comments are welcome.


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