Cracked Heels and Elbows

It’s painful, it’s yukky and can be a real headache to solve. Left untreated the most likely payoff is  inflammation, infection and bleeding. 

Walking barefoot, long periods of standing and obesity are the most common causes for this bothersome and embarrassing affliction. Cracked heels are unsightly and is often mistakenly attributed to lack of hygiene, but this cannot be more wrong.

Not surprisingly the desperate search for a practical quick fix has triggered a multi million dollar industry of ‘miracle’ creams and balms, each with a sure and trusted guarantee to bring instant relief and healing. Do they work? Judging by the many online comments left by irate and dissatisfied customers the effectiveness of these products are extremely doubtful.

Soaking the feet in warm water before bedtime, followed by some foot cream and a pair of socks seems to be the most popular advice, but again there’s little evidence that this actually does the trick.

And so the million dollar question –  What is the solution? 

Here’s what worked for me. Something so simple and effective that most people react in total disbelieve – how can such a cheap and easy method work so well?

Chances are that your sentiments will be no different. All I ask, is that you give it a go, because it works!!  I know, I suffered dry cracked heels and elbows for years and then someone showed me this simple trick.

A sheet of water sandpaper grade 100

No I’m not joking, you’ve heard right. After all, that’s what sandpaper does. It makes rough things smooth, like a baby’s bum.

Sand down the dry skin on your heals and albows until smooth and then only have your bath or shower as normal. Dry thoroughly and apply some foot cream. You will see a significant improvement after just 1 session. I know, because it worked for me.

So what’s the difference between sandpaper and a pumice stone.? Very simple. Rubbing away at your wet heels and elbows while under the shower or in a bath simply does not do the job nearly as well as sandpaper on dry skin.

And there it was. Starring us in the face all along!

A word of warning! Don’t get too carried away with the sanding down. You  don’t want to damage the new layer of skin, it can be pretty painful! Rather tackle it over 2 or 3 sessions, the results will still be spectacular!

Maintaining your smooth and silky Heels & Elbows 

Heels & Elbows is a natural heel balm, specially formulated to protects, moisturizes, nourish and keep your skin smooth, soft and silky like the proverbial baby’s bum. Apply it after a shower or bath and put an end to cracked heels and elbows, even if you walk barefoot, stand for hours or grow to twice your size.

Say ‘Goodbye’ to dry skin problems forever!
Order your supply of Heels & Elbows today.

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Happy sanding!

‘till next time, but until then your comments are welcome.



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