Clear Burglar Bars

For many homeowners just the thought of burglar bars are totally unappealing. It’s an eyesore, but even worse, in case of a fire can turn your house into a nasty deathtrap. While these gripes sound perfectly plausible, home security measures in crime ridden South Africa is sadly not a choice – it’s an absolute must. Not securing your property and your family should not even be up for discussion.

Fitting a release lock to burglar bars is one way of sidestepping the fire problem but it’s not until recent that a solution was found for the aesthetics issue.


Generally known as CLEAR BARS it’s an effective deterrent against burglars
no different from any other steel structured protection
but without the eye sore or obstruction of your view to the outside.

Another big plus is that it’s maintenance free
and comes with a 10 year guarantee


Not surprisingly the bars have one big criticism. It’s quite invisible from a distance and would-be intruders could view the premises as vulnerable and easy to enter.

As the saying goes, you cannot have your cake and eat it. The choice is simple – a secure smart house with clear views or a secure dwelling with windows that emulate the outside of a prison.

What are Clear Burglar Bars made of?

Good question, and to set your mind at ease, it’s not Perspex!

Clear Burglar Bars are made from a top quality Polycarbonate with high impact resistant and shatterproof properties.  Because of these qualities Polycarbonate is extensively used in various industries:

Police riot shields
Bullet proof windows
Racing cars

As with all other burglar bars and security gates, clear bars do not guarantee 100% protection. They are merely a deterrent.

How secure are Clear bars?

Again it’s not any different to steel bars. Cutting through Polycarbonate with a hack saw takes as long as it does steel bars. The hacking will also make enough noise and no doubt alert anyone that’s home.

Another favourite tool for breaking and entering is a pair of bolt cutters. Fortunately the ruler shape of the Clear bars makes it quite a tricky operation. Tests have shown that snipping the traditional metal type are in fact much less challenging.


Clear bars need about 3000kg of Tensile breaking strength to snap, so any assault with a hammer or similar object will have zero effect. The Polycarbonate absorbs the shock of the blow which lessens the effect on the mountings.

The latest rumour doing the rounds is that the Clear bars can simply and easily be burned using a blow torch. The fact is, this applies equally to the steel bars, but it’s certainly no mean task. In comparison Polycarbonate also omits  black smoke and a mean odor when faced with flames.

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DIY Home Surveillance

Why DIY Home Surveillance?
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There’s no place like home, but in the good old Rainbow Nation of South Africa this widely used adage has a totally different take. To add a twist to another favourite expression, your house literally is your castle. Burglar bars, electric fencing, panic buttons and remote eyes are just about standard household fixtures and fittings.

Sad to say, but true as blue, your Friday night dinner guest list could very easily be extended to include a few gate crashing robbers & rapists who, unlike the inconspicuous cat burglars of yesteryear, are more intent on butchering their victims than they are on stealing their property.

The abuse and misuse of toddlers and sickly parents by indifferent and callous carers and child minders is another much practiced criminal activity in South African. For most working mothers having a job is a necessity and not a choice and leaving their offspring in the care of others or, as in most cases, to fend for themselves, is not something they do lightly.

So how do you stop the burglaries and the family abuse? More important, how do you find peace of mind midst all the insecurity? The optimal solution would be for you to be able monitor the goings on at your house 24/7 – but is that at all possible?

No doubt home surveillance is the answer but it comes with a heavy price tag, starting at about R2800 ($200), but here’s the good news.

You can save money by DIY!

Ever heard of Easy Home Surveillance?

This system includes a detailed instruction manual on how to
set up and manage a surveillance system for your house
and view it from your Cell Phone!!

It includes all software and comes with a
60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

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