Bath & Beauty Recipes

Why homemade beauty products?

Firstly, you know what you’re getting 

There are plenty alarm bells about the chemical ingredients in commercial beauty products and the ultimate dangers they hold. Coal tar colours, phenylenediamine, benzene and even formaldehyde are some of the toxins commonly found in many shampoos, skin creams and blushers.

Daily use can lead to a chemicals build-up resulting in a variety of health problems and allergies. Example: Many antiperspirant deodorants are known to contain aluminium-based compounds and preservatives that are absorbed by the skin and are known to stimulate breast cancer cells.

Manufacturers love these ingredients because they are cheap and have a long shelf-life but the results from long-term use can be disastrous.

Even more frightening is the lack of concern by the Authorities and beauty industry to protect consumers. Loopholes in Government regulations are being exploited by many manufacturers to allow banned chemicals in over-the-counter products. For more info visit this link it will enlighten you no end!  

Creating your own products does away with these concerns and apart from the safety aspects it’s fun and inexpensive and really gets the imagination going.

Natural products are also rich in essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals and contain anti-bacterial and moisturizing properties that are far healthier than the chemical variety.

Eco friendly, Go Green and organic type beauty products are flooding the market like never before, but making their own products is an option many ladies are going for. Coconut, aloe vera, grapefruit, chamomile, lavender, mango, mint, banana, strawberries, olive oil and oatmeal, to name but a few, make for exciting challenges in creating their own personal brand.  

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Forming Good Habits

Our lives are run by our habits!

What we make of life depends on
how good or how bad these habits are

Failure and mishaps are often clear signs of bad habits and unless the problem is addressed, nothing is going to change. Fortunately everyone is able to develop the routines and behaviors that promote success and well-being, no matter how hopeless life might seem, however….

bad habits are not easy to break.
Forming news ones are not any easier.

The human brain is always looking for ways to save effort, and so bad habits are formed. To break this pattern takes time, will power and some knowhow.    

‘The 7 habits of Highly Effective People’ will teach you just that. 

There’s a Yiddish proverb that reads ‘Bad habits are easier to abandon today than tomorrow’.

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Celeste Perfumes

Celeste Perfumes

Going for the cheapest perfume isn’t always a good idea
Perfumes vary from fragrance concentrations that last all day
to scents that are light and short-lasting

Typically there are 3 different kind of concentrations

Parfum, Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette

Maybe you’ve seen these names on the bottles
thinking they all mean the same

  Knowing the difference is important when buying perfume

Parfum is the most concentrated and contains 25%- 40% pure perfume oil
It’s the most expensive, the most dominant and the fragrance lasts by far the longest
It’s simply the best of the 3.

Eau de Parfum is the middle of the range
and contains about 15 to 20% perfume oil
While it’s not so expensive, the fragrance not only doesn’t last so long
it also tends to change it’s scent after a while. 

Eau de Toilette is the botom of the range, has 5% oil, is the cheapest
and the fragrance is short lived.  


Parfum Celeste

 contains 40% pure parfum oil

 is a product of the finest
raw materials, fragrance compounds and essentials oils
imported from Charabot in Grasse, France
one of the longest standing perfume companies in the world

Our perfumes are meticulously designed and blended
and our tested formulas absolutely gives the wearer
a pleasant & lingering fragrance experience

At Parfum Celeste
we constantly strive for product and service excellence
and our ever growing and loyal client base
is proof of our success.

That’s why a Parfum Celeste client
is a client for life! 

The Celeste Product

Our fragrances are all generic and inspired by the originals.
Size:  50ml glass Spray Bottle

We are situated in Ballito, Dolphin Coast KZN
Orders can be collected by arrangement
or delivered by courier to your doorstep for R99.00
for up to 50 bottles.


 To order Perfumes or Shoes
Phone, SMS or whatsapp
082 300 8624