Having A Healthy Attitude

I discovered I always have a choice, even if it’s only a choice of attitude   — Judith M. Knowlton


Attitude.  A powerful human trait, yet totally neglected by most people. A really bad move seeing it’s your attitude that dictates what you make of life, and more important, what others make of you.

Woes and worries come to all of us. What you do with it determines how much damage it does you.

Decisions have consequences, good or bad. No doubt a bad attitude is often linked to bad experiences, and the resultant bad choices. Some valid, some not. Fact is, you still have a choice, and it doesn’t have to be for the bad . Yes you were bullied at school or your brother called you fat and ugly, but why let them own you. Your destiny and happiness is based on choice, not chance.

Arthritis, asthma, cancer, strokes, weight etc are known by-products of your emotions. Example, depression or unforgiveness. Sufferers often seek relief in Comfort foods like chocolates and cream cookies, while all that’s really needed is an attitude adjustment. 😎

Weight loss is a good example. Whatever you are fat, obese or just pleasantly plumb you’ve probably tried all the fads and crash diets on the market. You’ve no doubt also discovered there is no miracle potion or magic formula for shedding those extra pounds, but hope above hope, you buy and try every new product that promises to ‘burn your fat’ while you merrily munch away. I like what Jane Wagner once said “I’ve gained and lost the same ten pounds so many times over and over again, my cellulite’s having déjà vu”.

Let’s face it. Dieting is not a piece of cake and the fact is undeniable: the Bigger the snacks = the bigger the slacks. Just how long will it take for us portly people to simply start doing it. Lets get real, who doesn’t want to be slim and trim. I’ve been trying to slim down and shape up since Noah built the Ark but I’ve only managed to get more fricken fat and rotund with every passing year.

Some bright spark by the name of Thomas Edison once said ‘I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that don’t work’.

Here’s the bottom line –Fat blocking tablets, appetite suppressants and fat burning potions will fail you every time. The famous Zig Ziglar once said “Others can stop you temporarily — you are the only one who can do it permanently”. Your past is past and cannot be changed but what the present and the future holds depends entirely on what YOU decide to do.

Losing weight is not about medication, it’s all about a mental mending.

Ever tried to chuck smoking 😬 I battled for years, then one day I just did it. I stopped smoking like no problem and I’ve never craved a cigarette again. I still recall waking up that morning and I just knew, this was the day. My smoking days are over. I had made a decision.

Changing your life for the better involves a lot of things. Planning, hard work, determination and and and …… but it all starts with a decision!

Achieving your goals is not an accident. It’s the result of a calculated action!

’till next time. but until then your comments are welcomed.


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