Aerobics and the weight loss Myth

Nowhere are we scammed, conned and lied to more than by the so-called weight loss ‘gurus’. From fat blocking pills, miracle shakes to weird and wonderful exercise contraptions, it’s all about raking in the money at the expense of us desperate fatties, who’ll fall for anything that supposedly flays the flab.  😡

It’s become medical procedure to pin all things flawed and faulty on ‘overweight’ and that shedding the excess  mass will  amazingly  fix it all. Amputation, starvation and diarrhea obviously excluded.

And so weight loss has become the ‘begin all and end all’ of the health industry, with the fitness fraternity following a close second, and it’s exactly here that we have been fed yet another tale of fiction at the expense of our pockets.

None more so than Aerobics!  😯

Not that aerobics holds no benefits, it certainly does, but as a weight loss activity you’ll be no worse off if following a cupcake cookie diet.

Here’s the latest wrap-up on weight loss & exercise research:

Exercise without a healthy eating plan has almost zero weight loss value, but combining the  2 guarantees success.

So why is this?

Firstly, we are all equipped with a resting metabolic rate and your body burns calories even while stretched out on your favorite TV armchair. The latest Google search shows this to be about 50 – 60 calories per hour on average.

Problem two. A hefty 30 minute workout takes its toll. It uses energy. Using energy makes you hungry and so research shows that after a lively workout most people have a so-called healthy snack, like an apple or a banana. Calories = 110 or there about, depending on size, and that’s assuming 1 portion only. Surveys further show that most people actually prefer a smoothie or a glass of fruit juice, no doubt a far worse calorie option.

Your rigorous 250 calorie aerobic dance routine is suddenly far less rewarding. After deducting the count for the resting metabolic rate (you would have lost that anyway) and the healthy snack, your net energy expenditure totals up to that of a medium sized apple. Hardly a reason to celebrate, especially when bearing in mind that the initial objective was to expend calories and to lose weight. 

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