Child Wrist Watch GPS Tracker


When a Child disappears EVERY minute counts

Why not put Your mind at ease!

Children are undeniably equipped with super powers.
They can effortlessly disappear from anywhere without warning
even with mothers who have eyes in the back of their heads.




Let’s face it. A lost child usually triggers a big panic. Family and friends run around frantically, conjuring up images of sex predators, kidnappers and baby snatchers. 🕵

Most people think that it will never happen to them. While they are probably correct, odds are that it can, and in fact does happen!

But what to do, short of employing body guards or sniffer dogs?

Fortunately we live in the age of geeks and electronics. A doable solution is at hand in the shape of an affordable, durable, lightweight, user friendly wristwatch, designed specifically for slippery kids with magical powers. This nifty little watch is fitted with everything needed to ensure your child’s safety. Example:

*Doubles up as a Cell Phone. Has it’s own sim card.
*Two way communication through texting or voicemail.
*A GPS tracking system to accurately pinpoint the exact position of your child by using a map on your
smartphone, tablet or laptop computer.
*Emergency SOS that on the push of a button sends a message to a pre-listed dedicated number.
*Built-in high sensitive microphone allowing you to listen in what’s happening around the child. 

*Alert to parents if the child goes outside of a pre-determined area.
*Parents can remotely set an alarm to instantly remind their child of a preplanned arrangement.
*Automatic Time/Date display according to GPS time zones.
*Pedometer: Records the step count of the child.
*12 month guarantee

All you need to do is insert a Sim card
load some airtime
and start tracking your child’s movements

This unique tracking system puts you in charge without an expensive price tag.
The proven online software platform helps  you locate your child
anywhere in the world from wherever you are


Regular Price R999-00
Now on special offer at 30% discount !!


For more information send a SMS or
call Yvonne on 076 810 7373

The good news is you can now purchase similar
insurance approved systems for all your other assets like
motor vehicles, motor cycles, trailers and caravans, pets, livestock etc

and track them all –  from the same platform 😄

’till next time