Cracked Heels and Elbows

Before we get to the heels and elbows here are a few other handy tips that can just help to make your day a little brighter.

Have a scratched CD? Nothing that a good wallop of Peanut Butter won’t solve. Rub it on the damaged area and then wipe it with some soft tissue paper and voila!

I haven’t yet tested it but according to good rumour it works. 😆

As weird and wonderful as the peanut remedy sounds I was even more floored to discover that wiping your feet with a Vodka soaked washcloth makes light work of sweaty smelly feet. Apparently Vodka destroys the fungus and bacteria causing the odor and also dries out the areas where these organisms grow.

While on the subject of bad odors, yogurt is said to be a very effective antidote to smelly breath. The bad breath bugs are no match for the yogurt bacteria and so abra cadabra, problem solved.

There’s even a simple remedy for people with aching backs. Simply lie face up on the floor and place a tennis ball under your back near where you feel the pain. Slowly roll around on the ball until you connect with the exact spot where you’re feeling the pain. Lie like that for 5 minutes and it should do the trick.

Another common ailment is motion sickness. The nausea is caused by excess Saliva that forms in the mouth. Eating some olives or sucking a lemon helps dry up the saliva which alleviates the problem.

No home remedy cupboard is complete without the miracle working powers of Apple cider vinegar. As a topical application it does wonders for dry skin and eczema type ailments. As a tooth paste it whitens teeth, remove stains and kills bacteria. Rinsing your hair after a wash in a mixture of 3 table spoons vinegar to a liter of water leaves your hair shiny and soft and looking brand new.

Do these ‘home remedies’ work. I don’t know. Plenty of Googles says it does. What is certain though, they come cheap and save you money, which brings me to my next point.

Cracked and dry elbows and heels

You’re not going to believe this. It sounds ridiculous but it works!! There are plenty ‘solutions’ flooding the market, all a waste of time and money, because none of them do the job. I know, I was a sufferer for years, until I discovered this neat little trick …….. wait for it…!

A sheet of grade 100 water sandpaper – it’s all you need.

No I’m not joking, you’ve heard right. After all, that’s Sandpaper 2what sandpaper does. It makes rough things smooth, like a baby’s bum.

Sand down the dry skin on your heals and albows until smooth and then have your bath or shower as normal. Dry thoroughly and apply some Campher cream. You will see a significant improvement after just 1 session. I know, because it worked for me.

And there it was. Starring us in the face all along!

A word of warning! Don’t get too carried away with the sanding down. You  don’t want to damage the new layer of skin, it can be very eina! Rather do it over 2 or 3 sessions if you’re unsure.

Happy sanding!

‘till next time, but until then your comments are welcome.