Antacids and Stomach ulcers


Antacids – good or bad medication! 😮

Do they really do the job?

It’s another one of those confusing medical anomalies. Your stomach makes hydrochloric acid to aid digestion. It aggravates your ulcers and heartburn and so the nice doctor prescribes a quick-fix of antacids which stabilizes the acid and you feel better, until your next meal of course.

At least that’s what we’re told, however far from the truth it may be.

Cartoon sketches depicting someone salivating over a delicious plate of food is not very far from the truth. As you chew and chomp your food the enzymes in your saliva triggers the digestion process and prompts your stomach to release hydrochloric acid.

Swallowed food  passes down the esophagus into the stomach wherEsophacuse the gastric juices(acid) start breaking it down  in preparation for the next faze of digestion, the small intestines. To open the valve that allows the food to pass through to the intestines needs a high level of acidity. If this acid level is not correct the valve will not open.

And so the food lies in your stomach where it pollutes and releases gasses!

Contrary to all we are told the stomach needs a high level of acidity to maintain the healthy and effective functioning of the digestive system. The acid also destroys and prevents germs and parasites from invading your body. High acid level are thus indicative of a healthy stomach and no reason for concern, as we are always made to believe.

Put differently, a reduced asset level triggers the following problems:

* Insufficient breakdown of the food
* Insufficient acid level to regulate the valve to the small intestines
* Undigested food lying in your stomach longer than it should
* Breakdown of the acid protective barrier increasing the risk of harmful bacteria and toxins invading
* your stomach, resulting in ulcers.

The longer the food lies without digesting, the more it putrefies and ferments and the more gas it releases. Before long you start bloating, burping, passing winds and finally – heartburn, acid reflux and peptic ulcers. 

Taking antacids and other similar medication to reduce the acid levels in your stomach won’t solve anything, seeing that the problem is caused by low acid levels in the first place. Antacids only suppresses the symptoms. Once the effects of the medication wears off the pain and discomforts return in all it’s glory .

So what causes low acid levels, or Hydrochlorhydria as it is medically known.

Some of the causes identified by researchers are:

* Stress
* Mineral deficiency such as chloride, sodium and zinc
* Excess alcohol consumption
* Excess consumption of high carb / processed foods
* Age

What then is the long term solution? Modern medicine only seems to suppress the symptoms and so the discomfort is ongoing.

The internet is flooded with testimonials from ex reflux sufferers who benefited from natural herbal medications. Although often slower working, there is no denying the benefits of alternative health products.   

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV

Taking a 1 to 2 teaspoons of ACV in a glass of water about 30 minutes before each meals will insure the correct level of acidity for your digestive system to operate effectively. The ACV is known to also kill bacteria that cause stomach ulcers and alleviate any resulting pain.

 OCEAN’S Apple Cider Vinegar is just what you’re looking for. Made from fresh, crushed, organically grown apples it is left to ferment and mature in its own time, a process that can take months. The real McCoy ACV, like OCEAN’S contains a cloudy bacterial substance called “mother” that is normally not found in the over-processed commercial varieties and is said to be a complex structure of beneficial acids that are crammed with health benefits.

Here’s to great health!

’till next time, but until then your comments are welcomed.


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